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12.05.2012: Music Quiz for Android
We have released our first app for the Android platform. Music Quiz is a small game where you need to guess the current played song.

21.11.2011: TeleText App Update
Aufgrund einer technischen Umstellung vom TeleText Anbieter musste ich leider eine Korrektur in meiner App vornehmen. Version 1.3 behebt das Problem und funktioniert wieder einwandfrei.

05.04.2011: App
Version 1.0 of the new App is released.

18.11.2010: Remote Control
The Remote Control App version 0.8 was released just now. Now it is supporting WVGA, VGA, QVGA and WQVGA resolutions.

16.09.2010: Remote Control
New version 0.3 Beta of the Remote Control App is published. It supports now multi language interface and some optimizations.

13.08.2010: Remote Control
Version 0.1 Alpha of the new Remote Control App is released.

19.04.2010: Opening
Welcome to SeeliSoft. We started just now with this website and wishes you much fun with our products.